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Handball Basics

Shooting technique 1. Receive the ball on the move 2. Attack open space using your three steps 3. Raise the throwing arm backwards, the ball should be above your head and elbow above your shoulder 4. Transfer your weight onto your front foot 5. Aim at your target, and follow through your throwing arm and release the ball Jump shot technique 1.


Shooting drill 1: Straight shot. The straight shot is the shooting when the player is in a walking position it is the basic handball shooting drill. The player Puts the shoulder forward and lifts the ball and swing back straight slightly bending the shooting arm and the leg in walking position.

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Stage one. Stand shoulder width apart, facing at the target, on the balls of your feet with knees flexed. Extend the knees and transfer your body weight from low to high jumping upwards.

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During a game (competitions, training sessions) the shots are mainly performed by the pivot and wing players. A pivot player performs the shot facing backwards, forwards, right or left sideways the goal. lForward Position (Fig.7) A player is on one foot or both.

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Handball is a team game. With this condition, players can still take 6 steps – 3 steps (RUNNING) either side of one bounce of the ball. • During the game, break it into elements – how best to pass, shoot and win the ball back (see terminology and videos). Demonstrate correct technique. • For high achieving groups – introduce return to

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Between Free-throw line and pivot set up a target zone with 4 markers. Divide players into two teams and line them up at station A&B. 1 Goalkeeper per goal. Execution: The first players of stations A & B start with a sprint to the ball box, take a ball and dribble towards the target zone.

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3 Basic Individual Attacking Techniques SHOOTING Shooting is performed similarly to passing, but with a stronger action of the trunk and upper limbs. The shot power is conditioned by the distance and hand action time on a ball. The most common shots are:‐ DRIVE SHOT

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