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Common Injuries for Wide Receivers and Running Backs. Achilles tendon injuries. The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body, running along the back of the leg from the calf to the heel. Strain ... High ankle sprain. Hamstring injuries. Knee injuries. Connect with UPMC.

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Most common specific injuries: Partial ligament sprains of the lateral ankle complex (12.2%) Partial hamstring muscle strains (7.5%) Concussions (5.5%) Partial adductor muscle strains (5.5%) Most common activity at the time of injury: General play (36.3%) Defending (11.0%) Ball handing and dribbling (8.7%) Goaltending (6.3%) Heading (6.1%)

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Abstract. The injury profile of a professional soccer team from the 1976 to 1977 season is compiled in this report. Injuries are spread across all of the playing positions, with midfielders and forwards being most prone to injury. During the entire season of this report, 60 injuries were encountered, 35 during game situations and 25 in practice. The most common injuries noted were foot and ankle sprains, but muscle strains were also frequent.

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Linebackers experience almost an equal number of head, shoulder, and knee injuries. The second most commonly injured position is a defensive tackle with about 9 % of all defensive injuries. These players were most likely to tear up a knee, but shoulder and head injuries were also common. The remaining defensive positions had fewer injuries.

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the goalkeeper, and were mainly injuries to the thumb (9%). Eighteen percent of players other than the goal-keeper sustained upper limb injuries due to falls. These injuries were to the elbows, wrists and hands and sustainedpredominantlybythefull-backs, centre-forwards andcentre-halves. Sprains, fractures and bruises were the injuries most

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5 Most Dangerous Positions In American Football. Common Injuries Of The American Football. Corner Back. Concussion. Left Tackle.

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COMMON INJURIES IN FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Traumatic Injuries Knee injuries in football are the most common, especially those to the anterior or posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL) and to the menisci (cartilage of the knee). These knee injuries can adversely affect a player's longterm involvement in the sport. Football players also have a higher chance of ankle sprains due to the surfaces played on and cutting motions.

Soccer Injuries: Common Causes and Tips for Prevention

Head injuries. Bumps and bruises on the face and head are common in soccer. But the injury that’s the greatest concern is a concussion. A concussion is typically a mild injury to the brain that ...