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Improperly Sized Tennis Racket Grip Doesn't Cause Tennis Elbow

Clinicians treating patients suffering from tennis elbow often advise them to change the grip size of their racket to alleviate muscle fatigue. A new study of muscle firing patterns in the forearm...

How to measure your tennis grip size

A too-small grip requires more muscle strength to keep the racquet from twisting in your hand. Prolonged use of a grip that's too small can contribute to tennis elbow problems. A grip that's too large inhibits wrist snap on serves, makes changing grips more difficult and also requires more muscle strength. Prolonged use of a grip that's too big can also contribute to tennis elbow problems.

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If there is not enough room to fit your finger in this space, the grip is too small. A grip that is too small would require more hand strength to prevent the racket from twisting in your hand, which could result in tennis elbow problems. Conversly, if there is a large gap between your index finger and the ring finger and palm of your hitting hand, the grip is too big. A grip that is too big will prevent you from properly snapping your wrist on serves, and can also lead to tennis elbow problems.

Improperly sized tennis racket grip doesn't cause tennis elbow

Improperly sized tennis racket grip doesn't cause tennis elbow. Researchers apparently have "gotten a grip" on the relationship between the development of tennis elbow (tendonitis) and the size of...

Tennis Racquet Grip Sizes | How-To Guide With Chart & Visuals

A tennis racquet’s grip size measures the circumference or distance around the handle, ...

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The best tennis racquet grip size for you will be the one where your index finger fits snugly within this gap. If there is too much room, the grip is too small and if it’s too tight the grip is too large. Avoid holding the grip too tight, because you might end up with tennis elbow or forearm injury.

Potential effects of racket grip size on lateral ...

Our results show that there is an optimal grip diameter size defined as the handle inducing a reduced grip force during the stroke, in both fatigued and non-fatigued sessions. The results of the simulation suggested that extensor muscles were highly employed during forehand strokes, which confirms that the mechanical overuse of extensor tendons is a potential risk factor for tennis elbow occurrence.

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However a grip size that is too small will mean that a tennis player must grip the racket harder to generate the force necessary to stabilise the racket head on impact with the ball, this increased effort means a greater workload is placed on the muscles around the wrist and elbow which can sometimes lead to overuse injuries.