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nophilter_1. · 1y. Worst is any shoulder tendonitis or rotator cuff injury. By far the most painful cause you can’t hit full force when swinging even if it otherwise feels fine. It also is a haunting injury after I stopped playing as it always flares for a week when I re agitate it. 5. level 1. Svastikopteris. · 1y S.

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As for the ACL injuries, ... /r/volleyball is Reddit's volleyball community. We have tips, videos, and general discussions about volleyball. 37.0k.

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cush. MB 2 points · 5 years ago. Easiest solution: Tape your pinky and ring fingers together. Harder solution: When you go up to block, stretch your hand so that your thumbs are pointed up (helping you wrap the ball better). This will leave your pinky on the bottom basically unexposed to the ball. level 1.

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Missing the highschool season, just graduated with only one year of being able to play varsity, made senior captain. Just wanted to post a good out of system kill against a triple block.

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1. level 1. paladyr. · 3y. Internal/external (ext is most important) rotation with elbow at shoulder height, shoulder press focusing on pushing the weight (I used kettlebells) as high as you can reach at the end, doing pushup/bench and focusing on reaching/pushing forward as far as you can.

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Hello reddit volleyball! So as the title says I need help in preventing finger injuries. A little background: I was converted into a setter last March this year from being an opposite spiker.

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level 1. Rutagerr. · 2y. If it properly hurts, don't force it. This is likely just a conditioning issue, and it'll take some time for your body to get used to it. You've just lightly bruised your arms, and in a day or two you'll be good to go. Double check the PSI on your ball to ensure it isn't too high as well. 23.